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Elite Repeats & Boutique

868 Gulf Breeze Parkway Gulf Breeze Florida​


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1)Why only 15 items? You didn't take all of my items!!!

We love when our consignors bring in items. To provide every consignor's item the same space, we decided your BEST 15 items (in season) was most fair. Please understand we may not accept ALL items you bring's not personal! Our store has covered the area for over 21 years. In this time, we have found what sells & what doesn't. This includes business suits, limiting the numbers of pants, etc. We want our consignors to have the best possible experience so we may be more selective.

2) Why do you limit the number of pants/jeans? shoes?

We love pants &jeans! However, a interesting fact, they are not fast sellers! We are sometimes over run with pants and jeans. How many size 8 black pants can we hang at one time? you would be surprised! we have had more pants and jeans than other items!!

in order to make room for all the selections, please bring in your best pants/jeans but limit it to 5 pairs each time you bring stuff in. REMINDER: We are in Florida and it gets hot and sticky here in the Summer. Therefore, we do not take jeans from May 1-Aug 1.

As for shoes, we ask that you bring no more than 10 pairs per time. This way we can offer a variety of sizes. The most requested size: size 8-8.5. Please make sure that your shoes are in tip top shape. Make sure the heels are not scratched and you can't see the "toe" imprint.

3) What happens to my stuff if it doesn't sell?

Be sure to check with us often, 850-934-0492, to see the expiration date on your consignments. Once the unsold items expire and you don't retrieve them, they become the property of the store. However, if you would like your unsold items, please be sure to come get them before the expiration date. We will be happy to give you the date. MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!

4) Why do you say NO if there are sit lines or deodorant? Also, I don't iron. Why do you want my clothes to be wrinkle free?

Well, simply stated: clean your clothing before you bring it in. You would want to try on/buy clean clothing, right?